Top 4 reasons your Ford F-150 needs a catch can

So you've been toying with the idea of getting a catch can for your Ford F-150, but aren't too sure why you actually need one. 

The air that goes through the engine of your F-150 will naturally contain some oil mixed with it. This oil will get sucked back into the crankcase and go back through the air intake into your motor and get involved in the combustion process. The catch can will stop this oil in the air from going back into your engine by, as by its name, catching the oil.

So naturally, stopping this oil from going back into the combustion in your engine is going to be very beneficial for your F-150 for the following reasons

1. Prevents loss of engine power

Without the catch can, your vehicle engine will be caked in sticky black oil, which restricts the engine and decreases yours power

2. Improves fuel economy

The catch can catches the oil from getting involved in the combustion process which negatively affects fuel economy, so with it, you will see improved fuel efficiency in your F-150.

3. Prevent pre-ignition and engine knocking

Pre-ignition occurs when the mixture in the cylinder fires before the spark plug firing, this is bad for engine performance and can kill an engine. The catch tank prevents the build up of carbon deposits (oil) in the engine chamber, thus putting a stop to the phenomenon of pre-ignition

 4. It keeps the engine cleaner

As mentioned above it keeps oil from getting all in the engine and keeps it looking shiny and clean.

So as you can see from the above a catch tank will provide many benefits for your Ford F-150. They are inexpensive and easy to install, and even a fun little project to install yourself. If interested in getting one for your F-150, we highly recommend these the F-150 Catch Cans available here for your particular model.

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