Best Mercedes Sprinter forced DPF regen scan tools

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The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) on so many vehicles has proven to be a nightmare for owners with all its problems, particularly the owners of the Mercedes Sprinter.

The DPF system in your Mercedes Sprinter filters out the soot and therefore it builds up within the filter and needs to be burnt off. The problem is, that while these systems are fantastic for the environment, the burn off of the soot only usually occurs under certain driving conditions and thus you can find that your soot levels are too high. Your Sprinter DPF engine light comes on and you can't drive and get stuck in limp mode.

Besides the inconvenience the other worst part about this is that you cannot simply burn it off yourself, you need to take it to your mechanic who will charge you well over $500 a pop each time they need to perform a forced DPF regeneration on your Sprinter to get you running again.

But never fear, the good news is you can get your very own Mercedes Sprinter DPF regen tool to perform your own DPF regen. The even better news is that they cost well under the $500 you will pay for one regen of your Sprinter at the mechanic, so the savings are immediate, after a few times use, you would have saved a fortune, not to mention that these tools are loaded with other diagnostic functions for your Mercedes Sprinter too.

Below we review the best Mercedes Sprinter DPF regen tools on the market.

MB V2.0 Diagnostic and DPF regen tool

The MB V2.0 will perform a forced DPF regen on all Mercedes Sprinter models and years that require it. It is fairly simple to perform as well, as all you need to do is go into the DPF regen menu on the tool and away you go. It will perform the DPF regeneration process on your Sprinter to remove the blockage and turn off the DPF indicator.

The MBII can also indicate to you your DPF blockage % and other vital DPF data.

What we also love about this tool is the other diagnostics it can perform on your Sprinter, these include clearing and reading fault codes on systems such as the engine, ABS brakes and bleeding, transmission, Steering Angle Sensor (SAS), electronic park brake (EPB), Electronic Throttle Control (ETC), oil light/service reset and so much more.

And what makes this tool even better is the price, all for only $289.99. For all you get it is a no brainer. The tool is available from here: MBII Sprinter DPF regen tool

Mercedes Sprinter Diagnostic Scanner & DPF Regeneration Tool

CRP Sprinter Diagnostic and DPF regen tool

The CRP Mercedes Sprinter Diagnostic DPF regen tool is what we would describe as the "Rolls Royce" of diagnostic scanners. Not only can it perform DPF regens it has a multitude of diagnostic functions and performs it all with a beautiful easy to use interface, but this of course comes at a little more of a cost than the MBII above.

Besides being able to perform forced manual DPF regens on most Mercedes Sprinter models, it will also be able to perform a "teach in" of your Sprinter's diesel particular filter, for when you replace it. It will also be able to display soot level and other critical DPF data.

Additionally as mentioned you have a multitude of diagnostic functions it can perform on your Mercedes sprinter including ABS bleeding, engine scan, battery management system configuration, SAS calibration, oil light/service reset, Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) reset, injector coding, brake reset, and so much more.

This tool is a bit more pricier than the MBII above, but as we mentioned it can perform a few more functions and is easier to use with a prettier interface if that matters to you. The tool costs $399.99 and is available here: CRP Mercedes Sprinter and DPF regen diagnostic tool

Mercedes-Benz Diagnostic & DPF Regeneration Tool


You can't really go wrong with each of these tools if you want to force a DPF regen on your Mercedes Sprinter - either way you will recoup your money back after just one regen as opposed to going to the mechanic to do it. Not to mention the convenience. 

The difference is the ease of use and the additional functions. The MBII is not that much harder to use and is on par nearly for the functions as the CRP and thus coming in at $110 cheaper, we recommend the MBII Mercedes Sprinter DPF regen scan tool as the winner here due to the value at that low price point.

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